We would like to introduce ourselves as the owners of Aloria Vineyards!


     As many of you know, after the passing of beloved Dr. Renner, the vineyard and winery were sold to us. We feel honored and blessed to continue to grow and produce the incredible estate bottled wines you all know and love. We have our established Syrah, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and as of this March, we have also added Barbera to the vineyard, coming to your glass in 2020!

      Immediately following the purchase in February, we put the vineyard under the wings of vineyard manager, Stephen Collum of Vineyard Concepts. We are also honored to have retained our amazing wine maker, Shaun Jue, who has been the winemaker for Dr. Renner since 2015. We will continue to specialize in the delicious, approachable, full-bodied wines from our beautiful vineyard that we have renamed; Aloria, “The allure of being surrounded by Gold Country Vineyards.”

      Our family can continue on the tradition of maintaining the world class vineyard and winery with honor and pride under this label for generations to come. Even though the label will change in the next vintage, the wine will still be of the same quality that we hope would make Dr. Renner proud. We know change can be uncomfortable, we want to ease your fears. Please come in, taste our wines again, or for the first time, and we will welcome you to our new, expanded family! If you want to preserve your Renner Label wine collection, we are quickly running out, so please come in and grab them before they are gone.


Rob & Sheri Hendriks and Family

Aloria Vineyards

Vallecito, Ca.